Well said and thank you for sharing your thoughts as well as some equally memorable quotes.

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Tom, this was really, really good. I loved hearing about your friend from Farmville, wish he lived near me.

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Wise words. I wish more journalists would look outside.

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If note the strike thru in the last item above, here's the back story.

A friend shared the following:

"That unnamed journalism professor you quoted was John Phillip Norman, University of Missouri’s School of Journalism…he was named after John Phillip Sousa, famed American band leader…as he often told those in his news writing classes at Mizzou…me included.

He didn’t use the “F word” in class with that quote (probably would have gotten him fired if he had), but he used the word “damned” when referring to the window in question.

He loved to eat turnips especially in the fall and especially with a rabbit dish his wife cooked. He mentioned in class one day that he liked rabbits with his turnips so the following Saturday (early November as I remember), I went to a farm where I had permission to hunt and shot him a limit of cottontails. I cleaned them, put them on ice in a cooler and left them with a note on his doorstep.

And, yes, I got an A in his class…lol."

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